Project notes:

Welding repairs are a conservative solution in today's consumer world, where we throw away almost anything that is broken. Consumers often fail to realize that a welder can repair household items, sporting equipment, furniture, and automobiles.

Rather than throwing away an expensive metal bed frame or a top quality barbeque, a weld repair can make it better than new. Often the repair is stronger than the original. We reinforce many of the objects we repair, making them more resistant to breaking than when they were new.

Welding repairs on bed frames are a common request. Brackets that hold the headboard break, or side rails bend and break. We fix the problem with hidden welds and reinforce the area to prevent repeated breakage.

Custom and large barbeque appliances break in a number of ways. Hinges give way. Grates rust and bend. Casters and handles break. Welding repairs to these parts, or welding replacement, saves hundreds of dollars.

Sailing vessels have metal parts that break under stress. Masts, booms, prow, cleats, rails, hinges, and innumerable other nautical items eventually break from overstressing or metal fatigue. In these cases, a welding repair or replacement can save thousands of dollars.

Automobiles are built almost entirely of metal. Frames, brackets, battery boxes, steering and suspension components, body parts, hinges, all are subject to breakage. Welding can usually do the job effectively, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Fences, gates, garage doors, corrals, sheds, light poles, flagpoles, are common items to be welded. Any metal that is subjected to movement can eventually break. Professional welding provides a clean, strong, attractive solution.

Metal sculpture, yard artwork, and decorative railings are all subject to possible breakage. Welding can restore art pieces to their original impact.

Custom fabrication does not have to be complicated or expensive. Welded shelving can be manufactured to hold the exact size item you need to store and the structure can be made to fit in exactly the space you have available. We have made custom grills for an in-ground barbeque, auxiliary battery boxes for service vehicles, trailer hitch mountings, access ladders, and window-sill flower boxes. Whatever your need or vision, Fast Cat Welding can provide a lasting solution.

Store fixtures such as clothing racks, shelves, wall hangers, and ceiling fixtures can often be welded to repair a break. Why spend hundreds of dollars replacing fixtures with new items that might have the same weak point built-in? Welding can provide prevention as well as repair. We reinforce obvious weak points so that you do not experience a repeat failure.

Repair, build, modify, consider Fast Cat Welding for your next project.

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